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Privacy policy(to protect personal information)

Cryston Diamond Industry Co., Ltd.(hereinafter reffered to as 'we') recognize it our duty to handle customer's personal information adequately, and raised the following privacy policy that we follow without fail to protect such information.

  • We observe the law and regulation to protect personal information provided thru our enquiry.
  • We shall handle the personal information properly within the range of agreed purpose. When we shall handle the personal information for other than the agreed purpose, we will ask your agreement in advance.
  • We shall manage personal information provided thru enquiry properly to prevent illegal acccess, loss, alteration or leakage.
  • We will not disclose personal information of those who enquired to any third party without agreement of the person except when disclosure is required by Law.
  • When we have to entrust an agent to handle personal information of the enquirors, we will manage and supervise the agent properly so that security management is given to information.
  • When an enquiror wants to disclose or correct his or her personal information or makes a claim, we will cope with the enquiror properly.
  • We will only use the enquirors' personal information for purpose of which they have been notified in advance. However, to protect personal information according to law, we will review compliance programme of our own contineously to improve further.

November, 2006


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